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100 Best Bedroom Ideas - Bedroom Design Inspiration

100 Best Bedroom Ideas - Bedroom Design Inspiration

Bedroom design matters — a thoughtfully decorated interior can make it easier to decompress and sleep through the night. Even if your space is small, your bedroom should feel like a personal sanctuary defined by the colors, textures and furniture that aid in relaxation. Regardless of your design style — farmhouse, modern, rustic, boho and more — this roundup of the best bedroom ideas will help craft your dream retreat.

Whether you're renovating your primary bedroom, styling a small bedroom or even upgrading the kids' rooms, we've got you covered with a mix of aspirational design ideas and budget-friendly DIY projects. Think big with warm wood paneling, painted ceilings and intentional alcoves. For an easy weekend project, consider painting your own headboard, layering in pops of pattern or repainting an old dresser. Swap out area rugs, install new light fixtures or hang a fresh set of curtains. We also share ideas for reusing inherited pieces, like vintage bed frames, sliding barn doors or arched window frames.

Start scrolling to find inspiration for your bedroom design, no matter your budget or skill level. Remember that small changes can have a big impact (for example, something as simple as swapping bedding, throw pillows or bedside lamps). 


Consider Feng Shui


Embracing bedroom feng shui can help you map out the energy flow and place furniture in optimal spaces to encourage good energy and better sleep. The bed is key to good feng shui in this room, so make sure it’s in a commanding position that isn’t directly in line with the door. And don’t forget to leave space on each side of the bed for a nightstand to create harmony and balance in your bedroom.


Choose Good Paint Colors

One of the first things you should think about is the best paint color for your bedroom. Choose from colors that bring you a sense of calm and comfort. Popular bedroom paint colors include neutrals like white, beige, or gray, as well as soft greens, blues, and browns. It’s important to avoid using bright colors because they increase energy and could make it harder for you to fall asleep.


Try an Accent Wall

Don’t want to fully commit to a paint color all over your bedroom? Use an accent wall! You could put up unique patterned wallpaper, go with a dark color behind your bed to create contrast, or even simply paint shapes like large circles or triangles to add dimension. Want more texture on the walls? Design your bedroom accent wall with materials like wood paneling, shiplap, or board and batten.


Layer Different Textures

When styling your bedroom, try mixing and matching colors, patterns, and materials throughout the room to incorporate different textures. Give your bedroom some dimension and character by combining fuzzy throws with crocheted pillows or fringe rugs. You can also opt for plush furniture and tufted headboards to create contrast with industrial-style lamps and wooden bedside tables.


Brighten Up the Room

When looking for new bedroom design ideas and popular bedroom lighting trends, think soft and gentle. Lights should provide enough visibility for moving around at night, but shouldn’t be so harsh that it’s hard to fall asleep with some of them on. Consider including a mix of different lighting fixtures—like recessed lights and table lamps, or wall sconces and a chandelier—so that you can adjust the level of brightness when you’re in your bedroom as well.


Lay Down a Rug

Getting a bedroom rug is an easy way to bring the design of your space together and introduce new textures and patterns. Common areas to display rugs in the bedroom are in front of a long dresser, underneath the bed, in front of the bed, or near bedside tables. Also, finding the right rug size for your space is important for balancing the size of the bedroom and the furniture.


Opt for Curtains

Curtains are energy-efficient and can help manage the indoor temperature of your bedroom, so why not use them to also make a statement and emphasize your style? From patterned or solid curtains to bold pompoms and beaded curtains, you can shade your room and add texture to your overall room design. You can also go with sheer curtains for more light or blackout curtains that prevent light. And if you need to make your bedroom appear larger than it is, you can install your curtain rod higher above the window to add depth!


Select the Right Bed

The most important piece of bedroom furniture is the bed. Platform beds and beds with exposed legs are popular among minimalist bedroom design because of their simplicity. Canopy beds are a trendy option that can complement any interior design style or aesthetic. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, find a storage bed that has drawers or that lifts up to reveal hidden bedroom storage.


Pick Out Bedding

Change up color and style in your bedroom with your bedspread and sheets! Select neutral-toned bedding in brown, gray, and white, or opt for ones with geometric or seersucker patterns. Choose from duvets, comforters, or quilts, depending on the style, texture, and level of warmth you want to add to your room. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, look for sustainable bedding like biodegradable comforters or sets that contain organic sheets!


Hang Wall Decor Above the Bed

Because your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, hanging a statement piece of art over the bed can help tie your whole bedroom design and style together. Go with macrame art, a gallery of sentimental photos, an abstract print, or a rustic sign. This bedroom decorating idea can also bring some personality to your room.


Add an Ottoman or Bench

A great way to accessorize your bedroom is with an ottoman or bench in front of your bed. This accent decor is often made from wood or tufted, upholstered fabric and can be used functionally so that you have a place to sit when getting dressed in the morning or have an area to lay out your outfit for the next day. Keep in mind that many ottomans offer space-saving storage, too, so you can store blankets, clothes, and more out of sight! Look for one that will match the color scheme and materials in the rest of your room.


Include Nightstands

Bedside tables or nightstands are a staple of a well-designed bedroom because they offer a place to put bedtime necessities and also include storage. When choosing nightstands, a good rule for height is that the top of your nightstand should be level with the top of your mattress. Also, think about the rest of the furniture and decor in your bedroom when selecting these tables. Are they squared or rounded? You can opt for nightstands that conform to the rest of the furniture, or you can mix up shapes to get some contrast!


Set Up a Vanity

A vanity and chair are classic pieces of bedroom furniture to consider incorporating in your room! Not only can vanities be used for storing hair accessories and jewelry, but they can also be used for getting ready in the morning. When picking out a vanity for your bedroom, look for vanities with plenty of storage space where you can keep beauty and hair products, and be mindful of the size of your room—you don’t want to choose something that will take up too much space and make your bedroom feel cluttered!


Make Room for Plants

Plants are a great way to bring a natural element into your bedroom. You can put them on hanging shelves, nightstands, or on the floor in a corner. Popular houseplants include succulents, ferns, cactuses, and fiddle-leaf figs. Plants can bring a sense of calm to your space and help purify the air of pollutants. If you have pets, be sure to choose plants that are non-toxic to your furry pals. Or for a low-maintenance option, get some faux plants with fun pots! This is especially helpful if you don’t get a lot of natural light in your bedroom.