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Lantern Table Lamp + Radilum Design

Lantern Table Lamp + Radilum Design


  • Portable LED light for indoor and outdoor use
  • Exquisite metal body with machined finish
  • Polished crystal glass shade emits a warm glow

New York-based designer has designed a portable lamp for lighting brand Radilum, Lantern. The TURN has a cylindrical base and power supply unit, but Lantern is based on a new concept and uses a newly developed LED light source.

When we asked the designer about her design approach, she responded: "For the new Lantern, I was asked to create an ambient light that would enhance the atmosphere of a space, so I tried to design a portable lamp with more presence than TURN, although it still highlights the characteristics of the material. I also aimed to create a sense of intimacy that makes the user want to snuggle up to it no matter their mood. When I design, I usually start with a story rather than a form, and I took the same approach with this product. Two ideas inspired this product: using unique LED technology and expertise, and my personal skepticism of mass-produced products, from which the shape emerged spontaneously."

The designer, Tamura, said that she also got inspiration from the manufacturing process of carving metal.

The body is available in stainless silver, gold or black aluminium, and the light-diffusing shade is made of crystal glass. Another feature is its water resistance, allowing it to be used outdoors and in the bathroom.

Regarding the design of the delicate zinc die-cast frame that protects the glass, the designers say: “The machined edge has been a key element of the design since the first development of the collection. For the second iteration, we maintained the sensitivity of the material and fine-tuned the shape and thickness of the edge to achieve an industrial feel and an elegant look.”

The light can be switched on and off and dimmed on three different levels by touching the touch sensor under the glass. Radilum has developed and installed a new LED unit in this fixture, which varies in colour temperature from 3000K, like a warm light, to 6000K, like a cool light bulb.

Radilum CEO explains the development process, "We developed an LED light source called 'Sunny Side Up', which consists of two colored LED elements in one unit, providing ideal light from a small central area under the crystal glass. If we use ordinary LEDs that cannot change the color temperature, we will not be able to reproduce the pleasant light of sunset or candlelight in nature. As for the color temperature range, there is no suitable light source that can cover the range from warm light bulbs to candlelight, so we have to develop it ourselves."

Lantern was born out of the designer's desire to create a product that can be used as a companion for a long time even in mass consumer society, and the manufacturer's idea of ​​producing long-life products using real materials and designs that allow parts to be replaced.


The cage that protects the crystal glass shade was manufactured by die-casting to ensure the seamless shape.